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An e-mail received Jan 08 from Lake Tahoe!

Begining of January 2008 -
An e-mail from John Harrod,

Thank you John many regards and I look forward to more - Andy

Hi, Andy, I'll preface this long, windy letter with a couple of notes- first, I am thrilled to have access to your journal, it's fascinating, I will enjoy it all for many, many hours, thank you very much. I was an equipment operator al my life, worked for Granite Construction, one of the biggest American heavy constr. cos. in existence. I eventually gave up an excellent job with them to work full time running snowcats in the Sierras, and running equipment, putting in chairlifts and doing summer slope work, so I could do my two favorite things, skiing and winter campig and mountaineering. But the cat operation ended up becoming my main passion, I liked it better than skiing. It was very technical, exciting at times. I did it from 1983 until a few years ago, when I retired, after two spine fusions. The equipment operation destroyed my back. I am on disability, which drives me crazy, esp. when I hear theres a storm coming to Tahoe- we're expecting five to ten feet in the upper levels day after tomorrow. That was my greatest joy, to be out surfing avalanches in a seven- ton heated cat, with a great stereo and a Recaro seat... high-performance and extreme comfort, and the opportunity to watch the night sky twenty miles from Tahoe, where there was ZERO light pollution. And yet, in all those years of graveyard-shift grooming, I saw just the one UFO. Amazing, you'd think I'd have seen more. I saw some SPECTACULAR natural phenomena, believe me, you WOULDNT believe some of the things I saw up there... aside from the usual, three comets, lots of meteors... one night I was perched on the very tip of the mountain, taking a break, my cat parked at an extreme angle so that I was recumbent, with all of the Tahoe Basin in view, the entire sky in my windshield, and the whole Basin lit up bright as daylight, but in a cobalt blue. I looked up to see a giant bright blue object slowly skimming cross the top of the atmosphere, giving off a boiling foam on each side. I could see the actual shape of the thing, I immediately sensed, intuitively, that it was a HUGE chunk of ice, glancing off the Earth's atmosphere. The 'foam' was water boiling off of it, and there were green and gold sparks in the 'foam', which I assumed to e chunks of metal and rock burning up. I watched this thing- it must have been easily the size of a city block- slowly, sluggishly slew across the sky, and could literally see the entire Basin... I could see Heavenly Valley 20 miles away, I could see North Shore forty miles away, it was insane. If this thing had come straight at the Earth, it would have been a hell of a lot MORE spectacular! It seemed like it lasted for ten seconds, then it skimmed on out into space. It didnt seem like it lost very much of it's mass. There was a lot left of it, as it went back out of the atmosphere. So, there was about a ten-second silence, when one of the other cat operators came on the radio, and said, "Uh, I hate to ask this, but did anybody ELSE just see that !?!?" came back, "Uh... see what, Scott?" He came back, "Oh, FUCK you, Harrod!" We laughed... it was just three of us on the mountain. The other operator, Steve, came on too, and had seen it. I asked them if they'd seen the green and gold sparks, and they both said yes, and what the hell was THAT! I told them I thought it was rock and metal burning up as it melted out of the ice. We all concurred on that. This happened in 1998. As gorgeous as this was, it did not TOUCH the experience I had with the UFO in 1992, for sheer impact. How could it.... Here's the letter I wrote you the other night. Sorry, I do get a little long-winded, but these experiences are of such a nature that I think it worth taking the time to describe them. Oh, and in all the years I have been online, I've met very few people who take the issue seriously. I have befriended a couple of people high up in MUFON, that I have been in touch with for a couple years. They want to recruit me for an investigator, I suppose I may do that eventually. But I am looking for contacts to stay in touch with. I have a friend in Utah near Area 12, where all the underground nuclear testing went on, and some of the stuff too secret for Area 51 is done at Area 12. She sees INSANE things everyday, in her remote valley... she sends me photos all the time of unREAL stuff, she has UFOs of several varieties pop in and out of her front yard weekly. Six months ago, she heard the roar of two fighters coming, and looked up in time to see a UFO go screaming down her valley, right on the deck, a sphere, and then it pitched straight up, and climbed out vertically... along came two F-16's in hot pursuit, which took off straight up after it. Just another normal day in HER neighborhood! :-P She's been a good friend for a couple years, sends me good photos. Well, enough, here's your letter. Oh, and see at the bottom of this letter, a still shot of a UFO my son filmed for twenty minutes in is backyard... it was there for three hours, moving around, back and forth, up and down. We had QUITE a summer. And Fall, that was in Oct. And also, two photos of the kind of cats I used to operate. But I didnt transport people, one of these cats has a cab on it for transporting skiers.
Thank you for getting in touch, I'm enjoying exploring your site, I just began. I can't tell you how badly I want to hear from people like you. Those of us who have had these experiences are an extreme minority, and I can't decide whether it's a privilege or a curse to know the truth. It drives me crazy at times. Especially when you try to talk to your closest friends and family, intelligent people you want to sound out about the issue, yet they feel unable or unwilling to acknowledge the reality of it. I guess you can't blame them... you have to experience UFOs firsthand to understand the matter. They just seem so impossible, in the context of most peoples' normal lives. We few who have seen the real thing up close, can become preoccupied. At least, I have. More and more so, with the passing of time. Especially, as you research the matter online and begin to learn what an incredible variety of these craft there are! Who ARE they?? WHERE are they FROM!? How are they possible!?! If you review the varieties of objects filmed and uploaded to the web, you'd think we live in some sort of Grand Central Station, a veritable Times Square of advanced species. How can the Earth be such an urban hub of interplanetary activity, when we are so seemingly isolated in space? From basic UFO shapes and materials, solid, aerodynamic, metallic craft, to organic-seeming objects, free- floating chains of luminous spheres, to prismatic, pure- energy objects that can split and change shape, come and go with no perceptible travel, it seems we are being swarmed, by UFOs, to look at Youtube, and other such websites. And then there are the flocks of small spheres that array themselves in enigmatic, constellation- like shapes; these objects appear in incredible, mind-numbing numbers, especially in Mexico. They seem to be similar to the orbs that chase conventional aircraft, for whatever reasons... and then there are the orbs which appear in crop circles, which sometimes seem to come right out of the earth. I wish we had more of these mass sightings in America. And then there are the intricate, almost- art neuveau sort of craft; the Billy Meier- sort, that look like they have been fabricated out of Jello molds, pie tins and ball bearings.. like one such craft that I saw on high- 8 video film taken here in Tahoe two years ago... (the sophisticated camera this person showed me had night-vision and powerful telephoto capability- he inputted the video to my television) it looked for all the world like a 1950's Hoover vacuum cleaner! Under the hull was a yellow flickering glow of fiery light, which flared to a bright ultraviolet purple when it moved. This thing settled down over Lake Tahoe at sunset to spend the night, hovering only a few feet off the water; when the person filming it shined a laser at it, around 1AM, (an admittedly stupid and antagonistic gesture, to my way of thinking, but it made for an interesting experiment) it jumped a quarter-mile back in an instant, and lit up, and the hull became transparent, and the occupant became silhouetted and visible. He, she or it was clearly alarmed, and moved around the craft doing what looked like checking systems. It was clear to me that this was far beyond the capability of this person, much less George Lucas, to fake what I saw on his camera and my TV that night. There then appeared a scanning effect, a brilliant colored band of energy washing across the craft's outside, which seemed to be some sort of electronic scan for threats to the safety of the vehicle, I surmised, in the context of the events. This was visible only because of the infrared, I'm sure that the entire event would have been completely invisible to anyone standing on shore. When the craft decided it was safe, it went dormant again, a quarter-mile from where it had been a few minutes earlier. The violet flickering under the hull subsided to a dull canary yellow and the object dimmed down to the previous dull whitish green glow. As incredible and outrageous as this all must sound, I have to tell you, I PERSONALLY watched this film, and a couple others, of different kinds of craft, for three hours, and I assure you, it was VERY real. I recognized local landmarks, including taillights of cars on adjacent shoreline roads, and the small waves lapping on a stretch of beach with which I am very familiar. in this film was the shoreline, trees, buildings along the edge of the lake, promontories of forested land, many features that I recognized. This was NOT faked. It was actually filmed from a spot on the shore that I frequent often in the summer, and this object could never have been embedded so perfectly into this scene by this man. He took the film with a friend of his, freezing his butt off in shorts and a T-shirt all night rather than leave and risk losing the end of the event. Their voices were recorded as well, and their running commentary of shock and astonishment were further evidence to me of the reality of the event. This man is a very intelligent but eccentric, elusive person. I have had a lot of trouble trying to find him again, and I think his experiences have made him paranoid. But he went public with his films two years ago and I would not be surprised if the govt. has intimidated him in some way. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. I was haunted for over a decade by my own extremely disturbing experience in 1992, and he showed me, one night last July, where in the sky that I could see spectacular UFOs almost every night! During his first visit to my house, he said, "I bet we can go outside right now, and I can show you at least TWO!!!" It proved to be spectacularly true. I would not be writing these words, if not for him. Thanks to him, this last year was totally amazing for me. While I had the Mother of All UFO experiences in Feb. of 1992, in the top of the Sierras near Lake Tahoe, seeing one perform extremely dramatic, impossible flight, right over my head, for almost two minutes- I then had to wait until 2007 to see another one, and that was a long, frustrating wait, believe me; I spent every clear night outside, for YEARS, hoping to see another one, until July of this past year, when I was shown the places to look, and what to look for, by the man who took the film I just mentioned, to see the MANY UFOs that come and go from Lake Tahoe, probably every night, all night long. There are UFOs that sit over certain spots all around the Lake, and the ones I was watching were, clockwise: over Spooner Summit, Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, Freel Peak, Echo Summit, Angora Ridge and Mt. Tallac. I am only able to see these areas from where I live and roam. I imagine the entire lake sees the same level of activity, if not more. I was seeing an average of three a night, almost every night all summer, without even driving anywhere; it was a UFO watcher's dream- I became almost complacent about it. I knew where I was going to see them, they were out on a semi-regular basis, and seemed to be 'watching' or 'guarding' certain areas. They didnt move very far from where they first appeared, though their movements were often spectacular. I began calling them 'sentinels', for lack of a better word. It was incredible... I was able to offer to show 'real UFOs' to my friends, family, and neighbors, with an almost 100% certainty that they would get to see a genuine UFO, or UFOs, from roughly 9 or 10 PM, until late in the night. I was able to predict their appearance and behavior. They sometimes disappeared for a minute or two, but remained visible in my son's Russian night vision binoculars. As a matter of habit, I regularly walked back and forth from my house to my son's house, a distance of about half a mile, in a very dark part of Tahoe, where the sky is inky black and the sky looks like a sea of brilliantly glowing diamonds. I was seeing very bright UFOs sitting over the aforementioned peaks, and these were chiefly of this type: bright white objects, brighter by far than any other object in the sky except the moon; they were brilliant white, and flashed in a never-changing pattern of white/red, white/blue, white/amber, then a brilliant silver strobe, then the pattern repeats. These things sat over the aformentioned mountains almost every night, and often moved around, but generally stayed within the province of their particular peak. They would sometimes disappear, en masse, for days at a time, but always came back soon. There were other kinds of objects- four others, to be exact- but I have to refrain from writing a book here-I am sorry, it's just so rare to hear from someone else who has had similar experiences and knows what I am talking about! I'm going to stop here, and check out your site, it will be most interesting! Thank you for getting in touch, and please- STAY in touch, eh? I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with this letter, but I wanted to give you some background on my own experiences. (If you are someone I know, but your HGN53K is unknown to me, excuse it)
Yours truly,
John Harrod

Andy Bell
These journals continue.....Nov 03

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