Friday, October 10, 2008

Des Williams RIP

I met Des in 1978 -
He was a Hells Angel from Liverpool and we bonded from the first moment of meeting. His familly were warm and welcoming and over the years he became my very best friend ever. Struck down seven years ago with Chryptogenic pnuemonia sadly passed away on 30th June 2007 - The morning after my own birthday.
That morning I swear he visited me and even though I live 300 miles from him - I knew he had died

Welcome to Des TV
A site dedicated to convincing me that ufo's do not exist - Even though I have seen them with my own eyes - These videos were created by my closest friend for almost thirty years. BOY DID HE TAKE THE MICK!
If anyone viewing this memorial to Des knew him and has photographs and/or video footage please e-mail me so I can put onto this memorial of a truly genuine guy! I miss him so much!
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The Invaders

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