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A skull that rewrites the history of man

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I have posted the above article because of an e-mail I received back in 2008 when the Russian Army went in to Georgia!
Not everything is being revealed about this find!
In April 2008,
FATE published an article "Mysterious Giants of Eurasian Lakes."
Among other reports and accounts listed in the article, I mentioned gigantic skeletons discovered in Georgia (at the time, part of the Russian Empire) in the early 1900s.
On July 29, 2008, a stunning news item appeared in Georgia (reported by Rustavi-2 TV), and was carried by a number of Russian-language news agencies and related websites.
Georgian archaeologists, working in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, discovered skeletal remains of a gigantic (three meters tall) human being.
  The skull is three times as large as that of an ordinary Homo sapiens. 
A cave was also discovered, apparently containing the skeletal remains of the giant. Georgian scientists and archaeologists consider the find to be so sensational as to require further research.
   Now, after the Russian military offensive into Georgia, the warfare, and ensuing uncertainty, it will not be easy to find out about their research, but I will attempt to contact Georgian archaeologists and journalists, to gather more information about this discovery.
Paul Stonehill's new book Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia is nearly complete.
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The Annunaki are reported to be just that (3 Meters tall) could this be evidence that the Annunaki helped man spread out from the Middle East?

A VERY strange twist to this story has just come to light! Something amazing has been discovered in an area of South Africa, about 150 miles inland, west of the port of Maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, in conservative estimates, about 1500 square miles. It's part of an even larger community that is about 10,000 square miles and appears to have been constructed -- are you ready -- from 160,000 to 200,000 BCE!

Update for Georgian finds
This article published on July 27, 2009 in a Russian's weblog tells
the story of several men who had "explored a cave near the Issik Kul
Lake, where they discovered three human skeletons, each more than three
meters tall. The skeletons were adorned with decorations that looked
like bats (flying mammals) made from silver...The earliest mention of
similar gigantic beings dates back to early 1900's. Several boys in
Georgia (at the time, part of the Russian Empire) discovered a cave
inside a mountain, full of humanoid skeletons. Each skeleton was about
three meters tall. To get to the cave, the boys had to dive into a
Many years later a much more sinister incident took place in the Soviet
Union. Russian paranormal phenomena magazine ANOMALIYA (issue #4, 1992)
contained an article written by Mark Shteynberg, a Soviet veteran of the
Afghan war. He is an author of several books; an expert on Russia's
military, who now resides in the United States. In the summer of 1982,
Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, actively
conducted periodic training of the reconnaissance divers ("frogmen") of
the Turkistan and Central Asian military regions. The training exercises
had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake.
According to media reports, this is where powerful but not too accurate
Soviet torpedoes, underwater missiles, were tested during the Soviet
times. Today, in Kyrgyzstan, reportedly, there is still a Russian naval
long-distance communications center at the Issik-Kul Lake."
Looks like the Russians may have covered up the giants.\

Another article published in Pravda on May 15, 2008. Extract: "In
1954 Demidenko was accompanying high-ranking Beijing and Soviet military
commanders as they inspected Red Chinese troops in Xinjiang Province
(Uygur Autonomous Region), and Western Tibet, where the group spent a
night in a Lamaist monastery. There, Demidenko met an old monk, who was
a Russian speaking Mongol. Among many fascinating subjects, the monk
told him of the caves in the Tibetan mountains where giants that are
three meters tall remain in an anesthesia-induced sleep; one day they
can wake-up. Later, Demidenko heard stories that the Red Chinese gutted
one of such sacred caves, removed from there "sleeping amphibian
giants" and publicly hanged them."
Futher on : "Yermilov (according to a famous Russian paranormal
phenomena researcher Mikhail Gershtein, who has many SETKA documents)
reported that on May 26 of 1982, during the loss of communications with
a MIG-21 aircraft and its subsequent demise a UFO was sighted at the
height of 1500 meters. A search and recovery operation was organized. On
May 27, the search team (comprised of Junior Sergeant A. A. Panyukov and
Private A. Yu. Kunin) while in the Povorino area forest, walked into a
clearing where they observed a humanoid entity. It was no less than 3.5
meters tall, dressed in a silvery, with greenish hues, clothing. After
the entity fled the site of the incident, the eyewitnesses observed an
explosion behind the trees and flight of a luminescent object that left
a slightly luminescent trail; the object disappeared behind the

Thanks to Dean from Australia for the above information

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