Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sky News Report - Disclosure Project!

I am angry that I failed to note down the date of this report given out on sky news!
It was a Friday morning and I sat down at eight o'clock that morning to listen with astonishment at what was said on the news that day!
The report stated that ALL the joint chiefs of staff Navy, Army and Air Force had got together and anounced that everything reported about UFO's was TRUE!
That they have been in comunication with Extra Terrestials and using technology of their crashed saucers have in fact built a craft of our own that can achieve half the speed of light. The craft has in fact been tested and flown successfully by us.
This alone is the most significant statement in human history!
I immediately got the video recorder set up to record this momentous occasion and record the item when the news was repeated in an hours time --- The statement was never repeated which is extremely odd for Sky News don't you think?
One fact I do remember which may help find the date it was broadcast is that Tony Blair that morning announced the date for the General Election I beleive it was the 2001 election he took a long time to announce it I recall.
Of course to them that announcement was more newsworthy than
I beleive that it is time that we as a planet of humans should be told the truth!
I Have a date!
I rang the Labour party yesterday and the date given was 8th May 2001. The announcement was delayed by the foot and mouth crisis. MrBlair announced it in front of some school children - this rings true!!!
Bearing in mind I thought that it was a Friday morning then we may have to try and get hold of archive news from sky on the 11th May at 8:00am as well as the archive on the 8th May 2001 at 8:00am.
I was indeed right it was a Friday morning and now I know what the statement was about "The disclosure Project" where the joint chiefs (retired) along with 400 other witnesses produced evidence about ufo's and described what the various alien races look like!
Sky news wanted $300.00 for the footage!!!
Here is their statement about the aliens they have encountered and the craft WE have built!!
57 catalogued varieties of alien beings 1989 3Mins

Ufo China 18Secs

13th Febuary 2008- Filer's Files This looks familiar
From My photos
UFO over Indiana January 31, 2008 courtesy of MUFON
Ufo Nellis Airforce encounter! 2Mins

The Disclosure Project 9th May 2001

This week there has been a significant statement about Roswell!
Halt has made an sworn affidavit shortly before his death, saying that there was a disc captured and that the weather balloon was a fake!
This Morning Roswell the truth

Saturn a SUN?? 3Mins

Saturn's atmospere is 75% Hydrogen, Helium, Methane and others make up the rest.
Would an impact such as this create a second Sun?
What effect would this have on our solar system?
Would it make other planets habitable?
Or just destroy us?
What would the "Delta" who it has been suggested are mining Titan and our own Moon have to say about this?
Thankfully this didn't happen!
Andy Bell
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