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"Leaked" NASA E-Mail!

Would NASA Lie to us?
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Dear Folk: Here is some information that was sent to me about NASA Interresting little NASA article, thought you'all might be interrested in.

J--- F- M-------- I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have internet access. Now it appears that someone sent the commands to the Clementine spacecraft to exhaust all of the fuel on board so it is essentially DIW (Dead in the Water). NASA and DOD claim there was a computer glitch, however under normal circumstances, this could only be commanded from the ground. This apparently is a desperately cheap shot at sabotaging a perfectly working spacecraft so that is cannot perform the rest of the mission Congressmen have insisted on it performing. Apparently, Clementine has found evidence of moon bases and artificial structures on the moon. Has anyone called for an investigation of this act of space sabotage? The following article is by E----- D------- an organizer with the Operation Right To Know (ORTK). ORTK is the group that is sponsoring a demonstration 23 May 1994 at noon at the Pentagon (South Parking) to protest UFO secrecy. She would be happy to dialog with anyone about the article or the demonstration. Article begins: How long can NASA keep the Big Secret? by E------ D-------, Operation Right to Know (202-232-2410) There are indications the space agency NASA is so pregnant with the UFO secret it can hardly contain the secret much longer. It seems people who work at NASA are feeling used and uneasy about having to keep the UFO secret, and that in fact some of these people have decided to let the secret out. For example,a formerNASA director says point blank in the April issue of Int'l UFO Library Magazine that the Mars Observer probe is not dead but is in fact sending pictures back to NASA. Furthermore, says the author Maurice Chatelain, some of these pictures will be published soon "despite the official cover-up." This may tie in with a current rumor that a month ago two people from NASA took information on the cover-up to the BBC in England. The expectation was the BBC would air the information by now, but they haven't.
Is this what Chatelain was referring to? In the meantime, the west coast edition of NBC TV news broadcast this remarkable story May 3: the NASA-DOD Clementine mission now leaving the moon has been diverted to Mars instead of going to an asteroid, as previously planned. This information was not broadcast on the east coast. Mars researchers who phoned a video clipping service for copies were first told copies were available and then told they weren't. Next day the New York Times reported that due to "budget cuts," DOD is trying to kill the Clementine mission entirely. For some time now we've been hearing about cliques in the bureaucracy-- groups of people in DOD, NASA, and intelligence who meet unofficially to talk about UFOs. My hunch is some of these cliques have decided to take matters into their own hands, and the astronauts are involved. For example,
Gordon Cooper is now reported to have given an interview in which he discusses the back-engineering of ET craft. Richard Hoagland, the dogged pursuer of NASA, is responsible for some of this pressure.
Another factor is it looks like NASA is in a struggle with another agency. For example, there were two attempts to sabotage the Mars Observer camera before the Observer left. Astounding! Hoagland brought this story out. Trash was twice dumped inside the camera's lens.* Seems like somebody was screaming a big "No!" to NASA about going to Mars at all, and indeed they might--because it is the fallout from the "failed" Mars Observer mission that has accelerated NASA's loss of control over the Big Secret. If NASA hadn't gone back to Mars last year, the agency could have kept a lid on the controversy over the anomalous landforms on Mars (the Cydonia "face" and associated structures). But once in the air, NASA came under intense pressureto re-photograph the face.
Speculation is the unexpectedly strong pressure is why NASA decided to claim the mission was lost. And just before the loss was announced, a new element for NASA to cope with had arisen -- the formidable Stanley McDaniel. Some people think the McDaniel Report on NASA and the Cydonia landforms drove NASA to take its desperate step. A report may not sound like much, but that's only until your read the McDaniel Report. It is a devastating critique of NASA and also exposes Carl Sagan as a disinformation agent.
Why haven't Mr. Lichtenstein, Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Bigelow, Mr. Andrus, or Mr. Hall funded this high quality academic report for distribution to Congress?
If NASA has lied about the loss of the Mars Observer, it is the most audacious act of political deception this century. Whether decisive or not, McDaniel added to the heat on NASA. One NASA spokesman went on TV showing signs of stress, and 10 minutes later NASA announced the Mars Observer was lost. Right away the leaks began. Hoagland, McDaniel, Bob Oechsler, and others received calls saying the announcement was a cover story. Now former NASA Director of Communications Maurice Chatelain has put it into print. Some people who work at NASA are acting strangely. For example, they meet with relative strangers in crowded public places and speak in loud voices about the top secret deception. NASA scientists are accompanying some ET researchers on UFO-watching expeditions and seeing UFOs with them.
When the interview with Gordon Cooper comes out in which Cooper talks about back-engineering alien craft, the cover-up will surely be near its end. And the astronauts have been sidling up to this for a while.
Three years ago Cooper's 1978 letter to the UN calling UFOs "extraterrestrial vehicles" was published; and in 1991 Edgar Mitchell talked about government extraterrestrial secrets on Oprah Winfrey.
Now comes Maurice Chatelain. His article details 9 separate occasions when UFOs observed, stalked, or assaulted US spacecraft, including the exact date, names of the astronauts on the mission and what occurred.
We have recently learned that the Ringling Bros extravaganza "Cosmic Journey" has been revived. Astronauts were involved in original concept, in the story brought out by Bob Oechsler and Tim Good. The concept was a public exhibition of US space technology--and UFOs/ET. The project was cancelled. But about a month ago, a Cosmic Journey staff member bought $150 worth of UFO books at a Washington DC bookstore.
One researcher made inquiries and reached a Ringling Bros contractor, Ed Buckbee of Huntsville, Alabama. Buckbee said that Cosmic Journey "will not get into the UFO issue until later." And according to Reuters Dec. 1, 1993, one of the current astronauts says he is "trying to communicate with the life out there." Astronaut Storey Musgrave, member of the Hubble repair mission, told a reporter: "When I'm circling I try in whatever ways I can to get them to come down and get me." Mr. Musgrave sounds like an "experiencer," doesn't he? Richard Hoagland says some Congress people were about to get together recently for a conference on Mars, but NASA exerted "tremendous pressure" to get the conference cancelled. Stan McDaniel, who was also involved, says, "We were told government people would be there, and then they disappeared." McDaniel could not confirm Hoagland's claim that threats were made against members of Congress. Hoagland says that people who are talking to him have been offered jobs to shut them up. "Come and work with us on the 'dark side'," Hoagland says they were told. Instead of Mars, Hoagland now is focussed on the moon. There are artificial structures on the moon, he claims, and so does Maurice Chatelain. In his article, Chatelain casually drops the bombshell that the Apollo mission found "several mysterious geometric structures of unnatural origin" on the moon. And in fact some sort of startling new picture book has just been published:
Extraterrestrial Archaeology, by David Childress.** Chatelain says he's going to reveal what happened to the astronauts on the moon in a forthcoming article. According to UFO researcher Bill Hamilton, x-space programer Brian O'Leary says the Air Force has "its own secret space program and its own military astronauts." Hamilton's 1991 book, Cosmic Top Secret, reports on an amazing newspaper article: August 7, 1989 the LA Herald-Examiner ran a story which stated DOD was dismantling a secret $5 billion coast-to-coast space complex and would now begin collaborating with NASA's civilian space shuttle. The article stated that a secret cadre of 32 military astronauts based in LA was disbanded in 1988. If this story is true, it sounds like DOD moved a major clandestine operation into NASA in 1988-89, and that may be the key to what is happening now at NASA.
Whoever in NASA put the two Viking pictures of the face on Mars into the open record 17 years ago is an unsung patriot. From what I've heard, however, not all the interesting pictures were put out. Hear's what Mars researchers Vince DiPietro and John Brandenburg told me happened a few years ago. A graduate student at the Univ. of Louisiana phoned DiPietro excitedly several times and described a numbered NASA Viking photo of Mars on display in the department.
The Martian surface photo showed a group of 6 faces. Each looked just like the Cydonia face. When DiPietro tried to get the photo, a professor told him it was "lost." Another thing that's happening is that UFO researchers are beginning to realize that the network of surveillance satellites the U.S. had in orbit is fully capable of tracking UFOs and therefore, researchers are realizing, NASA must be tracking UFOs. This introduces a new dimension into the cover-up.
It means much of the data coming into NASA has ET information, and this has to be scrubbed out.
Data from the space probes and the Shuttle missions, as well as the vast intelligence product that pours in from the surveillance satellites--including the orbiting telescopes, the commercial and environmental satellites--has ET evidence that NASA has to get rid of before the data can be released to anyone. There has to be a gate keeper first in line for all incoming data who captures and reroutes ET evidence into black channels. And this is just what we saw in the form of Michael Malin, whom NASA put in charge of all Mars Observer photos and said he could keep them for 6 months before release. An example of scrubbing is related by Maryland resident Don Ratsch from Houston researcher Don Madeley. They say a female NASA employee was shown how NASA technicians air brush images of UFOs which show up on NASA's pictures of earth. Don Ratsch was the one who recorded the apparent voice of a shuttle astronaut from space saying, "We have the alien spacecraft under observation"- -but the authenticity could not be proved. Ratsch went on to record the STS-48 tape from NASA TV Sept. 1991.
The tape shows inexplicable moving lights in the upper atmosphere, one of which appears to be shooting at the other. Adding to that, Linda Howe says a military officer told her he's hearing reports of "some kind of war in space." Could it be? Naw. Still, the leaks are everywhere. Even Rush Limbaugh. He told his radio audience in late 1992 that a trusted friend in NASA said the Hubble telescope was never broken, but was being used to study ET in some way. In the meantime, I personally learned of a fellow at McDonnell-Douglas who also said the Hubble was operating in the black. This fellow reported he was doing interface programs that enabled innocuous-sounding instructions from the ground to translateinto different, secret directives to the telescope. He said the output was not broadcast to the ground, but was downloaded by hand on Shuttle missions. So who's squeezing NASA the hardest? The CIA? Hoagland and McDaniel? The aliens?
A friend of mine called NASA recently and cajoled a press officer into a confidential conversation. According to my friend, the press officer said, "NASA is very fragmented and many people in NASA want the truth." And then added, "NASA is no longer running itself. A major intelligence group is now running NASA."
So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Your tax dollars at work! Let's hazard a theory. In 1988 DOD moved clandestine space operations into NASA, and since then DOD or some "major intelligence group" has been trying to run NASA. As a result, NASA is now in a power struggle with this other group. The two groups violently disagreed on how to run the Mars Observer and the Clementine missions, and evidence of this conflict broke into the open.
In the ranks at NASA, there are several sources of discontent. People who want to run a civilian space program, not an intelligence operation. People who are angry at being shut out of the Big Secret but who still have to tell lies to the public. And people who are worried they could be indicted and go to jail for their roles in maintaining the Big Secret. Even though the ruling groups disagree, they are still determined to maintain their hold on the Big Secret. But the ranks at NASA are breaking and the ruling groups are losing control over the ranks. It's about time! ______________________ * Quarterly Journal of the Mars Mission, Winter 1994, 122 Dodd St, Weehawken, NJ 07087. ** Extraterrestrial Archaeology by David Childress, $21.00, Adventures Unlimited Press, Publishers Network, Box 74, 303 Main St, Kempton, Ill. 60946. ------- End of Forwarded Message JW Well now what do you think of that, sports fans. John Winston.
Astronauts and ufo's -
"I was furthermore a witness to an extraordinary phenomenon, here on this planet Earth. It happened a few months ago in Florida. There I saw with my own eyes a defined area of ground being consumed by flames, with four indentations left by a flying object which had descended in the middle of a field.
Beings had left the craft (there were other traces to prove this). They seemed to have studied topography, they had collected soil samples and, eventually, they returned to where they had come from, disappearing at enormous speed... I happen to know that authority did just about everything to keep this incident from the press and TV, in fear of a panicky reaction from the public."
Andy Bell

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