Thursday, July 29, 2010

" Clark AB UFO Incident"

                              I started looking at your journals - they are very interesting. Here's my story:  
  There really is no tie-in between Clark AB and Malestrom AFB; it's just that I was stationed at Offutt AFB several years after the Malestrom incident happened and heard another version of the story that I believe is somewhat more accurate than what is presented on the Disclosure Project clip. I wa assigned to Clark AB Philippines as a Fuels Specialist in 1973. In '74 I was promoted to NCO status and became assistant shift leader . As part of my duties, I was responsible for running the dispatch desk to send our trucks out to refuel aircraft. One night in '74 ( I don't remember the date) at around 10 PM there was alot of chatter from our guys on the flightline that something was going on with Security Police, but no one knew what it was. We found out about an hour and a half later at shift change. We used alot of fuel at Clark (as you can imagine with Vietnam still going on) and because of this we received much of it from a pipeline from Subic Bay NAS about 80 miles away. It came to us through a pumping station that we called the Hill area. We were receiving fuel from the pipeline at the Hill area and since it was shift change took a few of the bulk storage people up to relieve their counterparts. At that time for transportation, we used a 1 1/2 ton general purpose truck with a canvas canopy over the back; those relieving the previous shift rode in the back. About 11:30 the relieved shift from the Hill area entered our distribution lounge and to a man they were as white as a sheet. They told us that something had followed them down from the hill area and kept up with them until they almost reached the flightline. What was described was an orange illuminated ball about 3 feet in diameter that stayed directly behind the truck- sometimes on a level with those riding in the back and at times rising up over the edge of the canopy and then dropping back down. The next day, we heard rumors that there was something seen over what was known then as the "J" ramp which is just south of the control tower. Nothing more was said at that time about the incident, but that's not the end of the story. I was stationed at Clark AB again from '84 to 88 in another job and was responsible for Maintenance Training at one of the wings stationed there. We had an individual managing training in one of our Maintenance Squadrons who was a Security Policeman at Clark during 1974 . When I found this out, we started trading stories and quite unexpectedly, the "incident" came up in our conversation. In 1974, he was a security policeman and was sitting on the desk when the UFO appeared over the J ramp. A security policeman on foot patrol on J ramp called in and described an orange disk about 100 feet in diameter directly overhead that immediately took off straight up. The individual I was talking to did not have time to record the incident before his Officer In Charge (OIC) came in and asked him if he wrote anything down about it. When he said,"no", the OIC told him not to. As far as we could figure from dates and times, the two sightings happened on the same night and at approximately the same time so they must have been related. I'd say altogether there were at least 8-10 people that I know of who directly experienced either incident and probably alot more, since Clark was an exceptionally busy base back then, and the HIll Area was surrounded by family housing. 
Andy Bell

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