Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Disclosure Project" Part 2

Now we have Lt. Col. Dwynne Amesson's testimony, he has three experiences relating to ufo's. Firstly whilst working at Ramstein Air Force base in Germany in the early sixty's in charge of the Cryptograph centre he read a message that said a ufo has crashed on the Island of Spitzberg in Norway and a team of scientists were coming up to investigate the incident. Secondly whilst assigned to the 28th Air Division Great Falls Montana in charge of communications he received a message confirming Robert Salas's situation with the missile silo's. Lastly when Commander of a unit Great Falls Castle Air Force station Maine. Security police from Loren Air Force Base stated that ufo's were seen near nuclear weapons. -
2Mins The Ninth witness

Mr Hartland Bentlybetween 1957 and 1959 he was a PFC in the US Army stationed North of Washington DC close to Aldeny Maryland in May 1958 at 6:00am he heard a noise that sounded like a pulsating transformer! ( This is the same noise my own close encounter made!) He states that the craft was headed for the ground and impacted causing several bits to fall off - then the craft took off again. The next night whilst on duty, the Gettysburg missile base phoned him and stated that there were 12 to 15 ufo's hovering at 50-100 feet above him. Hartland asked "what do they sound like" the caller took off his head set and said listen to them. The sound was the same obviously more of them though so Hartland immediately switched on his radar and got the blip just outside the ground clutter. He then marked it on his radar, The ufo's took off andwhen the scope came round again they were 2/3rds the way off the screen. To acheive this the craft would have to have a constant velocity of 17000 mph! Ten years later whilst on a classified project in California at 2-3:00am he heard a Houston astronaught com link which stated that a ufo was on a collision course with the module going round the Moon! -

4Mins The Tenth witness

Next we have two statements from John Maynard - a retired sergeant 1st class who had access to VERY sensitive documents! When he first came to office he had to sign for well over 2000 documents. He states that in order to sign and inventory these documents he had to know what they were about. He checked every document to ensure it was complete so that when hehanded the office over to the next person everything would be in order. He goes on to state that there were many, many references to UFO's including MPIC PICTURES also that ufo's HAD in fact been targeted! His department worked on Salt one and Salt two areas and were taking photos all the time for verification of nuclear disarmament and there were OBJECTS in those pictures that did not belong there!
His second statement is that so called BLACK PROJECTS do in fact exist and he was invited to be a part of them - which he declined! -

3Mins The Eleventh witness

Sergeant Karl Wolf was a Precision Electronics Photographic Equipment Engineer with a top secret CRYPTO clearance based at Langley Air Force Base Virginia. Mid1965 he was loaned to the NASA Lunar Orbiter Project at Langley Field. A doctor Colly was in charge and had some faulty equipment to be repaired at the facility. Karl was stunned to see so many scientists from all over the world at the facility. Whilst repairing the equipment a fellow airman second class as he was at that time Showed Karl pictures of a BASE ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE MOON!! The photographs CLEARLY showed structures - Mushroom and spherical shaped buildings with two towers! Karl left that job expecting it to be mentioned on the news over the next few days! 30 YEARS LATER - HERE IT IS!!!!-

2Mins The Twelfth witness

Could this video be showing the structures filmed by Armstrong in 1969?
Lunar Base? 6Mins

UFO seen on Moon 2Mins

Donna Hare introduces herself as an employee of Nasa as a design illustrater/draughtsman who did the launch and landing slides/lunar maps a contractor that most of the time worked on site in building eight. Whilst doing extra work between missions walked into a photo lab oposite and was shown a photo with a ufo on it! She was informed that these pesky little creatures had to be removed from the photos before releasing to the public. A guard told her thaat when he was asked to burn some photos he was told not to look at them - of course he looked and was knocked out by the guard watching him! She states that some people new about this while others even people next to her didn't! -

4Mins The Thirteenth witness

Now we have Larry Warren who was a security officer at Bentwaters (Rendlesham to us Brits). He states that he was guarding nuclear weapons stored at the facility (without the knowledge of us brits i might add) He clarifies that an incident did occur with aliens at that site over a period of three days. Supporting Col. Charles Halt's own versionof events! -
2Mins The Fourteenth witness

George filer first encountered ufo's in 1962 when he was asked to chase one! He managed to get a firm radar contact at 40 miles and went over the planes red line chasing the thing, once he had made visual contact the ufo took off into space similar to the space shuttle when it takes off!
George then began briefing fellow officers about ufo's in Vietnam and later whilst at Maguire Air Force base in 1976 briefed a general about an incident in Iraq air space
In 1978 on January 18th When entering the base George noticed some lights in the distance at the end of a runway - This was a ufo that had landed and when the alien came out from the craft he was challenged and shot! Wounded the alien tried to get to the Air Forcebase next door but was found dead not far from where he landed! George had to de-brief the man that shot the alien and was told to talk to the base commander - Then was told not to as it was too sensitive a situation!!! -

4Mins The Fifteenth witness

Sgt. Clifford Stone US Army tells how we have recovered extra-terrestrial objects and has himself been involved in these recovery operations - In 1969 he had an event that happened to him involving the recovery of such a craft whilst stationed at fort lee Virginia he went to Indian town gap pensylvania this was his first experience at recovering an Unidentified Flying Object. He was part of a back-up team as there were supposed to be nuclear materials involved in the operation. -

2Mins The Sixteenth witness

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