Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Origins of us - Alien's arrive at Earth"

We are taught from an early age to put absolute "Faith" into religious teachings. To believe something we cannot see and to trust without any doubt the various teachings of our many cultures! When I look back at all the deaths, Misery and wars over the few years mankind has spent on this Planet attributed in the name of religion - It saddens me!

The Dead Sea Scrolls found in a cave near Jerusalem revealed the Earth was visited with extra-terrestrial visitors. Most religions of the world agree in the concept of Sons of Light and Sons of  Darkness, good angels and evil ones, good aliens and bad.  My research has indicated there are various groups of aliens with different intentions, their motivations may be very different and they often appear to be fighting one another. "The Zadokite Document," discovered fifty years ago in an old synagogue in Cairo, confirms Genesis and mentions the landing of Spacemen, their giant offspring and immorality. "Because they walked in the stubbornness of their hearts, the Watchers of heaven fell, yea, they were caught thereby because they kept not the Commandments of God. So too their Sons whose height was like the lofty cedars and whose bodies were as mountains. They also fell." 
The Scriptures of the Dead Sea Sect by Theodore H. Gaster.

George Filer:-
Their visits have often been interpreted in religious terms, but the data is essentially truthful and often the best we have. Biologists search for protoplasm in ancient primordial soup. Archaeologists seek man's origin in the mud. I search with shining eyes for our home in the stars.
I agree with George's statement and what's more I have WITNESSED UFOS. Seen them up close and personal with my own eyes!
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So WHERE do we look for the Origins of us? Around 150000 years ago we have Clovis Man and the jump from Clovis man to "Modern Man" Is where we find the key - Does the "Missing Link" exist? Or is this the point in time that Aliens intervened with Clovis Man to create the "Modern Man" We have today?
 Robert Sepehr Looks at this very real possibility shown to us through the work of Zacharia Sitchin.

The Sumerian Tablet translations

Notice the similarity with the Bible stories in these Sumerian tablet translations! Courtesy of Helvis213 on Youtube.
Where am I going with this information?
In the early seventies I followed the Lunar landings, They were indeed the dawn of a new era for mankind. Very exciting times and during mans trips to the Lunar surface very strange things were seen. Things were appearing on the Moon that should NOT have been there! (besides the ufos)
One thing in particular that I actually remember seeing at the time is the carving on a rock of a bird! I was just 12 or 13 years old and I asked my family "Did you SEE that"?
Recently I came across a documentary that reminded me of that moment - A Spanish documentary so thought provoking it was never aired! In this documentary not only does it show the carving in the rock - An astronaught is also seen picking up what looks like a skull!

Could it be that the aliens mentioned arriving here at Planet Earth were the Anunnaki? Travelling the Cosmos aboard a ship equipped for just such a journey, Able to traverse the Oort cloud and absorb many impacts from rocks floating out there in space, Then to pass through the asteroid belt.
The "End Times" described in the Bible should be re-named "The Arrival." Are we the remnants of an ancient race of beings?
The Moon arriving here 150000 - 200000 years ago would have caused a massive Flood, Rained asteroids down from the skies (sound familiar?)
This theory ticks sooo many boxes for me and answers every question I could ask

What evidence of Alien intervention?
There have been several findings of strange skeletons and wierd skulls - Here is a look at the re-construction of  Tutankhamen's skull - Darwinists don't tell the TRUTH!

Is the elongated skull a trait of the Anunnaki?

Our Moon is a ship!


Gio Metreveli said...

wow! O_O

Irmensul said...

this collier guys an embarrassment..
People like him discredit the reality of our history & the fact that yeah the moon IS WAS parked IS older than our sun etc..
Maybe its time to replace these collier ones with something newer & more powerful
Its intersting that the model they made for the old spanish documentary you was quite had the hint of a third eye & the slightly slanted 'coffeebean' eyes etc it shows how late we come to these theories..we're latecomers lol

flyingklown said...

Hi I assume this is John L Walson. Sir I have seen these but as stars. I cannot zoom in as far as you do. Maybe one day. $$$. Anyway sometimes they come low and I will ask them to power up for me. They do! The first time I didn't know what to do. 3 really high ships were passing by and I guess they read my thoughts in how excited I was. One stopped started to get brighter until it was very bright like a sun a long way off.. Since then I learned by watch James Gilliland at eceti ranch and would ask and got responses. They are few and far between here on the shoreline of Connecticut. We had a fleet come over one night heading northwest more north...but ignored us. Maybe one day I can buy or build a set up where I can see like you do. But wouldn't the guys at the big telescopes see them easy? Why won't they say anything. They have to see them. Are they ours? Why are they keeping it away from us? Greed? I do not understand and feel most of the time I do not belong here.i hope something gives soon. This is beyond ricduloius!