Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Lenard Walson

John Lenard Walson
John was posting video footage of strange craft orbiting this world of ours and also captures amazing footage of the Moons surface from outside his back door! This amazing footage is as clear as NASAs own footage whilst IN ORBIT!!
His amazing abilities ar best explained by Jose Escamila in the video below!

John has over the years been "Bullied" and ridiculed on the internet until he finally "Disappeared" 2 years ago - I am happy to say he has now returned! Also he has carried on with his work whilst he has been away. If ever there was a time that the world needed someone like John - It is NOW! Time to focus on incoming objects John, Craft and Asteroids like ELENIN! Let the world know exactly WHAT is out there!
Why now more than ever we need an International Space Treaty to stop the weaponisation of Space!

Below is just amazing footage of our Moons surface which John excels at look closely for anomalies, construction and possible craft hiding by the rim of craters 

Here we have Karl Wolf's testimony from 2001 Disclosure Project, Listen to how he describes what was discovered on the Moon!

Next more of John's amazing Moon shots shown by Gridkeeper - Nice tunes Grid, I have to make do with audio-Swaps! LOL!!
Spot the reservoirs and possible water plant!

From Blog photos

From Blog photos
Blackstar Is a Secret Military Piloted Space plane 

  Does, or did, a secret piloted military space plane, called the Blackstar, fly into suborbital and orbital space since the early 1990s? That's the highly intriguing and provocative big question raised in an amazing cover feature article in the prestigious "Aviation Week & Space Technology."

It is quite likely the U.S. Space Command operates a military space plane for orbital missions with an elite corps of astronauts. The significant, ground-breaking investigative news report, with 18 years of Aviation Week research to back it up, strongly suggests that the "black budget project" program was developed on the "fast-track" in the 1980s after the catastrophic loss of the space shuttle Challenger in January 1986 to give the military regular operational piloted reconnaissance access into suborbital and orbital space. The orbital spacecraft, shown is an artistic rendering of a likely Blackstar follow on craft.
The space plane, first known as the XOV (experimental orbital vehicle) was apparently flight tested and likely became covertly operational in the early 1990s. This two-vehicle "Blackstar" carrier/orbiter system was allegedly cancelled in 2006, and an advanced Shuttle follow on like craft is now in orbit.
Once a Blackstar orbiter reenters the atmosphere, it can land horizontally at almost any location having a sufficiently long runway. So far, observed space plane landings have been reported at Hurlburt AFB, Fla.; Kadena AB, Okinawa; and Holloman AFB, N.M.
These craft are often reported as UFOs. Boeing Aerospace and Lockheed were the apparent contractors in 1990-91, and helped make the space plane operational under the U.S. Space Command in Colorado. A former program manager of a major aerospace company once declared, 'There is no question. Lockheed is flying a two-stage space vehicle.'" Ben Rich the director of the famous Lockheed Skunkworks, claimed we are thirty years in advance of science and can fly to the stars.

This specific stealth space program has been suspected, as noted, since 1992 when MUFON witnesses noted unusual high altitude aircraft speeding supersonically across the skies with large puffs of donut-shaped smoke over the southwestern U.S. The news media also picked up the reports and called them, "Aurora." 

Andy Bell

These Journals Continue........Oct 20


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...make sure to watch on youtube...moon rising part 2.

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