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Martin Madland's Sightings 1975 onwards

Martins Story started in 1975

In 75 Martin had moved to Las Cruses N.M. to work in a french rest. In OL' Messilla, next to the La Posta Had a really hot girl,living w/ her,and child. He was wakeing up @ ever early morning hours, just before the sun would come up, standing, looking out the west bedroom window. Thinking that he was looking @ Venus and wondering, why. Venus is the morning star and rises in the east not west! And why was he standing, just wakeing up? This is the beginning of what was to happen to him for the next 30 plus years.

Sometime that summer in Aug. towards the end, the girl friend and her daughter myself were in the front yard. I was watering her sand, not much grass in N.M. in Aug. Holding the hose over my left shoulder, looking east, the two girls were in front of me, they were faceing west. For no reason at all I said, Look at that and pointed w/ the hose over my shoulder. Both mother and child had their mouths hanging open, looking west, eyes fixed to the sky above me. Me still looking to the east was wondering, 'Why in the F**k did I just say that and what the F**K are these two looking at?" As I turned around to see, I almost fell over in shock.

My very first time in seeing something right out of a si-fi rag. The classic cigar shaped object. Two hundred ft. long 6 porthole windows with lights around each going from end to end down the middle. 100 yds. away, 300 ft. high. The craft hung without a sound well over a minute. Slowly turned inward to the right and disappeared. just as it happended, I said, everyone go inside and we are going to draw what we saw. When we turned our papers over, it was the exact samething! Then I knew that I wasn't crazy. I held on to the drawings for ten years before they got lost. The summer of 76 was a real sky fest. All over N.M. people were being chased and the skies over Whitesands were full of night and daylight sightings. The local news after two weeks stopped reporting and showing films and pictures taken by the locals. You could go out at night to the mesa and watch orbs bounce from the horizion to the clouds. It was not heatlighting. I'm from the west Texas area. All my life, and had lived in Switzerland. I know what lighting is and what it can do! Been struck three times in my life. The next story picks up in Florida in 1982 , outside of Orlando.

Police Witness ufo

The object looked like the one you posted on Ashburton, Devon, Eng. except it had 6 porthole lights instead of 4 ( My image was of the underside of a mile wide craft Martin obviously recognised it as a side view!). The story resumes in 1982 in Orlando, Fl.

One Saturday night in the Fall, early Nov. I heard a sound like a helicopter outside my door, only it was very slow ,very slow going, whop ,whop,whop... Going out of my front door towards the parking lot, with the HWY 50 running next to me on my left came this black ,huge, object from my left over the HWY towards me ,going whop........whop.........whop, just like a helicopter in super slow motion. Then parked over my head, 30 ft. in the air and no sound, dead stopped. At this point I was under 3 pole pines, hiding. Hanging over my head 30 ft. or so, no noise pitch black and with the shape of a triangle. What seemed to be about 5 min. of darkness the inside lit up and part of the bottom seemed to have a T shape clear flooring. I saw 4 what seemed to be very small people that appeared to be smooth from head to toe, they were, remind you 30 plus ft. up. After a few more min. the craft moved forward about 15 ft. away and north of me. Then all of the sudden huge forward lights came on, like landing lights on a 747, with a very loud click. At the rear of this thing which appeared to be about 12 ft. thick I saw this really strange lettering, same now as other people are reporting . The lights clicked off and the craft without a sound moved forward at a super fast speed and was gone.

Not knowing what the hell that was. I went inside thinking that I had been outside for 20 min. I had gone out at 12;30 am. Returning, the clock read 2;30 am! Now I'm really confused. I did not know about missing time until 1988 when I was reading a book on UFOs. The next stuff started happening in 1992 in St. Augustine Fl. where I moved to in 1988 and have been since.
Andy Bell

These journals continue..........Jul 19

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