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US Army 2012 Tablets found in Iraq!

Cover-Up: Fragment Two of the Stolen Tablets
All of this work is courtesy of the "Sumerian Scribe" and Helvis213

April 23, 2008
For almost forty-eight hours, on a website originating somewhere inside
South Africa, this second fragment of tablets discovered in Southern Iraq was posted in its English translation.

To say the least, the language is very scary and the similarities with the region’s current situation are undeniable.
I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking for proof of my assertions in the previous video and I expect I’ll undergo another onslaught after this video is posted.
The proof is the ultimate truth of the story. As I have said earlier, truths that are jealously guarded eventually seep out in drips and drabs. There seems to be a different story concerning these tablets in Europe as many of you have already heard. I do not believe and completely discredit the whole assertion as pure fallacy based on the intimate knowledge of a colleague who has intimate knowledge of the find and activities of the Near Eastern panel assembled to deal with the discovery. The very existance of this panel is evidence of something big. Why would both the US and British governments get involved in what is traditionally the work of academia?
The more websites that go down only spawn more and soon enough, the powers that be will have to come clean with the public about what exactly, they discovered near that historic ziggurat.

US/Brit Cover-Up Ancient Find
April 23, 2008

I’ve been getting a lot of email, phone calls and yes, it’s true, telegrams appealing for more specific information concerning my coming forward with one of the most extraordinary archaeological stories of our lifetimes, possibly ever discovered. I will, here, in this online entry for any and all inclined, repost my earlier brief accounts of the find and cover-up orchestrated by both the governments of United States and Great Britain.
Earlier this year, a friend told me a story about a major archaeological find in Iraq. He said the US army soldiers happened upon something big and it was all being kept hush, hush. My friend, who is a Near Eastern scholar at a prestigious university, said the US government was putting together a panel to examine and decipher the find. Wow! I thought, pretty wild stuff. Soon enough, I forgot the story and went on with the daily toils, we call life. When the translation started popping up in several cities throughout the world, I remembered what my friend told me and placed a call to another friend, inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the inside scoop. Ironically, in the land of truth and liberty, the country that wants to bring democracy to rest of the world, and in particular, the nation in which the find was looted, the translation was easily kept under wraps and to date, this video is the only copy made public inside the United States. Lawyers say we are not breaking any laws since the tablets are not even acknowledged to exist. Whatever the case, one has to wonder why the US and British governments are tearing up the land formally known as Sumer, in a mad search for something. Tablets, or perhaps plans for the second ark mentioned in the fragment’s 64 lines?

These journals continue.....May 25

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Anonymous said...

The whole of Mesopotamia is important to them. The 13 families of "Gods" why do you think they saught war with Iraq and with Afghanistan as well. They know the landing site of the anunnaki is said to be in Iran this is why they desperatly seek to find these places. There are 3 in all and the control centre in Sumarian txts is said to be in Isreal. The true history of our origins are in Mesopotamia and they will do anything to cover it all up so we don't find out who we truely are.