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Third and Fourth Tablets released!

Fourth Sumerian Fragment Leaked To The Public!
All of this work is courtesy of the "Sumerian Scribe" and Helvis213
July 9, 2008
 The fourth fragment of the Sumerian tablets found by the US Army in Southern Iraq has been leaked and an illustrated video presentation, along with the preceding three are available on YouTube @ 
 When I originally saw this translation, it was posted on a Near Eastern History site. I quickly copied the translation and called a friend for whom I posted the first three translations. He indicated that it did indeed sound familiar and he was even able to quote a few lines without any coaching.
 The youTube user Helvis213, added details he learned while meeting with one of the scientists who was on the secret panel. I have re-posted his entry for this fragment, including his description of his meeting with the anonymous Academic.
 Here it is in it’s entirety:
This is the fourth fragment from the Sumerian Tablets found in southern Iraq.
As some of you may know, I have have been a conduit for some of the brave people who have first-hand knowledge of the find. Without getting into any specifics, suffice to say, several entities, acting on behalf of the US Government have made it more than clear that these four video entries should be deleted from my YouTube account. Fortunately, this is still the United States, no matter what the Bush Administration believes, and attorneys representing the interests of truth and justice have kept the barking dogs at bay. These videos will remain here until they are pulled….I will not delete them no matter what the threat. That is my vow.
 This fourth fragment popped up online briefly, in space of a week(?) on at least three different websites before all their links mysteriously came up “MISSING.”
Recently, while out of the country for a different matter, I met with a man who was part of the panel of scholars that examined and translated the find. He has seen the Sumerian translations that he worked on, here on this site and voiced his approval. He is also a colleague of several dear friends, so our meeting was light and familiar without the slightest air of paranoia that accompanies so sensitive a subject. He told me he had memorized a complete fragment, one of the few he was allowed to see in it’s entirety and offered me a copy, pushing the total of number of translated fragments to reach the public at four.
More extraordinary was his story of a “sliding model” that was found. He detailed a complex and concerted US/Brit effort to build a massive vehicle intended for deep space travel based on an unknown, simple, yet complex mathematical system illustrated by this model which this scientist says, “is mind-boggling when you consider the implications. What we can do…at least theoretically. It’s so simple but the ultimate in advanced thinking…of approaching the world around us with a whole new set of rules.”
He says we should look at the sudden increase in missions cash-strapped NASA has been sending up in the past year as evidence they are testing new technologies. The anonymous scientist also said the powers that be were most interested in a section detailing a system of propulsion, which he described as, “power-free.” The scientist also mentioned the staggering pace of the project. He said, “this is not hit or miss….the plans, blueprints if you will, are right there. It’s as simple as manufacturing, processing the materials then putting them together. It’s astounding when you consider what they’ve accomplished in so little time.”

A new deluge poured forth
From the heavens, a new deluge did come.
With Dilmun on their right and sacred Eridu on their left
The Annunaki were assembled.
Between the two pure places, the source of pure waters
From where the Gihon, Pishon, Tigiris and Euphrates did flow
Anointing the land and the people in a purification bath.
These clean waters, the sustaining force of life did dry.
The mighty rivers dried
Now dust does blow in those places.
Where mighty rivers once did flow,
dust prevails in those places.
 Marduk opened the gate and the sons of Dilmun poured forth
The sons of Dilmun,
The brave young men of that pure city
The brightest city of all
Came forth while the sons of Eridu readied the table
Recited the incantations, the forgotten rites of old.
Radiant with clean hands stands Ninhursag
before the Annanuki.
With her clean hands she prepares, oversees preparations for the proper incantations, offerings and rites.
In her clean hands gifts of cucumbers, apples and grapes.
The offspring, the creation of the Gods, the assembly, the assembled Annunaki, for them
she prepared (unreadable).
The nations, tribes of the earth embarked while the four mighty men held back both fires and winds
So that nothing stirred upon the earth.
Nor day or night, dark or light, stillness prevailed.
Until the nations, the tribes took flight.
From the earth the designated nations and tribes took flight
As a mountain of fire emerged from the sea
Cleansing the unclean, swallowing the firmament.
End of Tablet
Third Fragment of Hidden Sumerian Tablets Leaked!
July 8, 2008
 Despite all the threats and even some brutal treatment, again Near Eastern Scholars are rising to the occasion. This video below is an illustration of the third fragment of the Sumerian texts found during the summer of 2006 in southern Iraq. The complete text is also included. The translation first appeared in an independant newspaper centered in the bohemian section of Barcelona before appearing on several different websites throughout Europe and Africa. Germany’s University of Gottingen also has a copy of translation posted along with some other insight Near Eastern Scholars from the other side of the Atlantic have gleaned from their own investigations.

It had been established the nations would return
Nations of men would return to the womb
To Nibiru, the eternal creator mother goddess
The Annunaki sent forth
from the heavens the Annunaki sent forth for their creation.
An, Enlil, Enki and Nirhursag, creators of the black-headed people.
Founders of Eridu, Bad-tibira, Larsa, Sippar and Shuruppak.
The first cities they founded.
These were the bearers of nations
the mighty men of renown who expelled the Nephilim
and established divine temple ordanances, rituals and rites,
These were the generations, the nations of multitudes
These multitudes of nations poured forth through the heavens
The Annunaki, An Enlil, Enki, and Nirhursag sent forth the divine messengers
awaiting their return, the return of their offspring, the makers of man awaited
with heavy hearts, laden with joy, they waited.
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