Saturday, November 08, 2008

Encounters with the "Not so friendly"

The White Sands event 1974, or thereabouts, I believe it was mid- seventies, there were these two airforce guys, out on the missile testing range, in White Sands, New Mexico, with binocs, spotting missile or rocket hits for accuracy. They are in a field of moderate craters and piles about four or five feet high, on a range of several miles long, and though they are about a 1/4 mile apart, they can see each other. What they were doing, that day, required just the two of them. Then, they see this "Ronnie Zamorra"- type UFO land- (he was the Texas Highway patrolman that saw a UFO land, and then drove a quarter-mile overland to see what it was, and observed two strange hominoid- type beings, standing beside a big white egg-shaped craft with fixed landing legs). This aircraft came down with fire, I believe, as did the Zamorra vehicle. So, (on the range, in White Sands) this guy's buddy can see him walk over to the vehicle, curious about it. Bear in mind, this craft is landing on what was a classified, off-limits area, presumably monitored by radar, within a no-fly space. Suddenly a hatch opened very quickly in the side of this thing, and the guy was violently SUCKED INTO the vehicle, with the aid of a mechanical arm.
The craft promptly took off.
The guy who had witnessed this, FREAKED, obviously horrified. He called launch control, and area security. They all came out, officers, MP's, and the UFO officer, presumably, because it is known now that all active, classified ranges and bases has them. They looked where this guy said the craft landed. There WERE very substantial landing gear indentations, which indicated the landing of a heavy vehicle. There were signs of foul play, to say the least. Some of the guy's things were on the ground. Against all reason and circumstantial evidence, the guy on the range, who was last (and only) to see him disappear, was arrested. It was grossly unfair, and no one really thought he did it, (except one or two security officers) as all of his story was born out by the evidence. His lie detector tests proved him innocent, but he was held in prison for murder, for two days. The grounds were examined thoroughly, and there was no sign of a burial location, no sign of him having left in any way, including footprints. Have you ever seen the video of the deck crewman on a US aircraft carrier, who got sucked into the intake of a jet engine?
It happened so fast that you could barely see it happen, and the guy was lucky, he got wrapped around a strut in the intake that kept him from being sucked through the engine and chewed to a pulp. They got him out, and he was stiff, but unhurt. No one saw him go in, but they deduced what happened, because he was there one moment, gone the next, and a deck hand told the pilot to cut the engines instantly.
Well, this looked the same, to the other man on the range. But of course, who would believe such a thing could happen?
The poor bastard was sucked into that UFO so fast that it was hardly visible. The other guy knew it was a real bad thing, that happened to his co-worker. So, he was arrested, and put in max security.
After 48 hours of interrogation, he could tell them nothing new.
But, on the third day after he disappeared, the investigators were out on the range, looking for clues, and they saw this same egg-shaped vessel descend, to a spot about half a mile away, and the body was ejected from the craft almost as violently as it had been ingested.
They ran to the location, and found the guy a bag of bones. He had been horribly tortured, tormented physically, every bone in his body had been broken, and he had been partly dissected, possibly partially eaten, according to some stories.
This is an awful story, because we all want to hear about the 'good ones' who will save us from our terrible aggression and murderous tendencies, take us for rides and let us drive... this was not the case. This poor bastard went through all kinds of horrors, we can only hope he was unaware of most of it, in shock and stunned, esp. after his initial entrance into the craft, and in the three days he was missing,
GOD let us hope and pray he was out of it, and unaware of what was done to him. When the investigating officers were out looking for him, with his partner in the brig, his "kidnappers" came back, to the total amazement of the searchers, and dumped him ignominiously back onto the base. The man's story was borne out, and he was released.
This is NOT a UFO 'social myth', this is one of the most hard-evidence, absolutely accepted and acknowledged events ever to take place on a military reservation.
The men involved are known to the UFO community.
Andy Bell

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