Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Third Sighting - The Plasma Ball

My partner at that time witnessed a third sighting in 2001 of which I only managed to get a glimpse of by the time she got my attention. I saw an orange ball which to me seemed miles away streaking off into the distance at high speed. My partner explained that it was actually within the confines of the field boundary and floating around the field. I have managed to trace a photograph taken at Penhale Point Army training Area, Devon, UK September 1973 is very similar to what was witnessed in the field. Perhaps a probe of some kind?
I have never previously reported this sighting because i had assumed that it may be an electrical discharge from earth movement.

I understand that this sort of phenomena can appear just before earth quakes. Although they are hardly noticeable in this country we do get the odd quake.
I beleive i now know what these plasma balls are!
Dr Steven Greer described one leaving a disc that he managed to comunicate with for a short while near Mulberry Hill.
He saw one of four which were on the disc fly off the craft as if to distract attention AWAY from the craft. I feel now he may be right about that. But until there is open disclosure we will never know.
Pheonix ufo ball 1Min

Since puting my sightings on a few sites I have noticed these orange balls of light beeing mentioned a lot.
Top Gear Robin Reliant Shuttle 3Mins

What an excellent item from Top Gear! It is a shame they have the copyright issue which is crazy when you and I supply the money to create programmes such as this! visit my YouTube channel to watch in high quality!

25th May they finally allow embedding - about time!
Did the Germans discover Electro-magnetic flight?

Did they go to Mars in 1946?
Was there an alien base in the Antarctic after the war?
Nazi ufos WW2

German ufos

Letter from Norweigan politician 7Mins

Andy Bell 

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