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My letter to Lord Robert Winston!

Are we ready 9Mins

Video about Nibiru and the Anunnaki - Scary stuff!!!!!
According to the Genesis geneology, the Biblical Flood took place when Noah was 600 years old, which, assuming the earth to have been created in 4004 BC, would place the Flood at about 2400 BC (about the same time as the Pyramids were being built). 2012 Is the date given by the Mayan calander subtract 3600 and we get 1588BC As a date for the Great flood.
The figures don't match!
Someone is 1000 years adrift.
Or could the writings be wrong?
Just to be on the safe side I feel an underground water tight safe room may be something worth thinking about! Although the video predicts Dec 2007 as being the Mayan 2012. I think I need "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" at this point!
Don't Panic!
How do we survive a flood like Noahs?

Listen to the full audio book version of the 12th planet by Zecharia Sitchin. Learn about the 40 years of amazing research by this man, starting with his first book.

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My letter to Lord Robert Winston
Forwarded Message: Subj: Robert Winston Date: 16/10/2005 16:55:44 GMT Standard Time From: HGN53K To:
Is there a God?
Listen to the interview about where OUR God may have originated. As a witness to three ufo sightings of my own since 1998 i have to ask myself whether the Sumarian accounts are true?
Were we created just to mine gold for our creators?
I have witnessed with my own eyes technology that is far advanced than anything we know at this time
As a scientist what does Robert Winston think of the possibility of life on other planets?
That is life on other planets within our own Solar System?
Does he think it may be possible that life (intelligent life that is) exists not only on Mars but also on another planet Nibiru which comes close enough for them to visit us every 3600 years.
Does Robert Winston beleive or disbeleive the existence of ufo's?
There are people on this planet that not only firmly beleive in their existence - They have met and interacted with them.

Charles Hall - Encounters with aliens! 2Mins

I beleive that it is time that we as a planet of humans should be told the truth and bring an end to all the violence created from different religious beleifs.
I find it very sad that almost every war that has scarred our races has one or more religions as its origins don't you?
Is your program man enough to discuss such possibilities?

Brazilian incident captured aliens 2Mins

Alien at a conference 1Min

The Church and Aliens!

Andy Bell 

These Journals continue....Oct 16

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