Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is this video evidence of "Fowl Play"?

The London marathon has 36000 runners and 500000 people along the route Why was it NOT cancelled this could go Global overnight!
This was recorded 30th March and Swine Flu has just broken out in Mexico people are now dying!
The title above would be funny if not such a serious matter!
Swine Flu the START

I did not think these journals could say any more about the ufo/alien issue perhaps I was mistaken!

Now it is 1st of May and 12 countries have the virus - when does the explosion happen? How many days after the Marathon? Watch this space!
Here we are one week after the Marathon and we have 220 confirmed across 30 States!
World wide there are almost 800 confirmed in 17 countries!
If this were a "Trial run" for something worse there is good information from it - Swine flu after all this seems to be no more potent than normal Flu - Will update in a weeks time
4th June over 600 cases now in the UK one reported to be serious!
Today Swine flu has been declared a "Pandemic" 28000 cases world wide and 800 cases in the UK!
Middle of summer and now 4000 cases in the UK It is now "Out of control" Wonder how bad things will get when flu season starts?
United States ---------------------------33902
Mexico ----------------------------------10262
United Kingdom -----------------------10000
Canada -----------------------------------7983
Chile --------------------------------------7376
Australia ---------------------------------5298
Argentina --------------------------------2485
Tanzania ---------------------------------2076
China ------------------------------------2040
Japan -------------------------------------1790

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These journals continue....May 03

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