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Ruth Sutherlands sightings 1980!

4th Nov 2005
After enquiries around the town have made contact with Ruth and meeting with her on Sunday for lunch. Looking forward to adding her images to this site and wondering if there are any similarities to our own sightings. It strikes me more and more now that there is every possibility that there could be some sort of base on the moors. It will be interesting to see which direction her sightings were travelling compared to mine!

Back in the 1960's two police officers chased a ufo across the moors from Plymouth that chase ended near Moretonhampstead! Our sighting was heading in the direction of Oakhampton.

From My photos

The first image shows a T-shaped construction with huge illuminated blocks, like glass blocks of flats. The T was a dark solid frame which had panels of light on it. This craft was beside a disc which was a similar size. Ruth describes them as absolutely huge, low flying and with low noise level.

From My photos

The second image wasa flying disc the same size as the first craft and was flying beside it.Ruth explains that all three craft changed direction when they were over head.Ruth goes on to explain that it was about 9 o'clock in the evening so turning dusk. Clear skies and all three ufo's could be seen quite clearly.

From My photos

The third picture is actually the first craft seen by Ruth although it was a plain egg shape and zig -zagged across the sky. It is no less important and ultimately bought her attention to the other two amazing craft. Thank you Ruth for allowing me to put your sightings on this Journal.

The diversity of shapes astounds me - obviously once gravity is overcome then the skies the limit regarding shape. It must be like owning your own customised car but a flying home instead!!

Out of the Blue! ufo documentary 9Mins 55 

Andy Bell

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