Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The "Disclosure Project" Part 3

Mr Mark Candlish of the US Air Force In 1967 witnessed ufo's over a US air Force Base for about ten minutes and saw it leave at the speed of a bullet leaving a rifle barrel. In November of 1988 a college buddy of his (Brad Sorrenson) told him that he had personaly witnessed three ufo's At a very large hanger at Norton Air Force Base during the course of an air show November 12th 1988. Mark called his congressman for that district and it was confirmed that they were aware of the exhibit and were refered to as Alien Reproductive Vehicles also known as the Flux-liner because they used high voltage electricity. A diagram of the ARV is produced from a drawing that Brad supplied him of the vehicle. He then produces photographs of this vehicle whilst in flight taken in June 1967 by Harvey Williams - a military pilot flying a C-47 for the Air Force at 12000 feet approximately 25 miles South of Provo Utah!
6Mins The Seventeenth witness

Mr Daniel Sheehan who is the attorney serving as general counsel for the Disclosure Project now explains his credentials. He was contacted by miss Martha Smith in 1977. she informed him that in 1977 upon taking office president Carter called a meeting with the CIA and demanded the information regarding unidentified flying objects and any information concerning the existence of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence! This information was REFUSED to the president of the United States by the director of intelligence ( George Bush Senior!) They were afraid that the president was going to inform the public! (That is you and me!). Next access to the Vatican library was attempted to see what information they had on the ufo phenomena - they were REFUSED access! He did however get access to the classified poirtions of the Blue Book Project and managed in May of 1977 to go into the Madisson building and saw photgraphs of a crashed ufo surrounded by US Air Force personel. He managed to trace symbols onto a yellow pad that were on the ufo!

6Mins The Eighteenth witness

Dr Carol Rosin in 1974 she was introduced to the late Dr Verner Von Brown the father of rocketry in the first three and a half hours of meeting with him he told Carol that she will stop the weaponization of space! This had to be done because there is a lie being told to everyone. It is the Extra-terrestrial threat! But there is no threat they are no longer ufo's they are identified and we know they have beings on them - they can shut down our missile silos, they can stop a rocket going into space. Dr Von Brown told her back then that we could have cars that flew and end global warming without dislocating jobs and affecting the world economy! We could have peace on Earth and also with the Extra Terresrials this was stated in 1974 - OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO!                         6Mins The Nineteenth witness

Dr Steven greer explains thatthere are 5 hours of testimony from witnesses and that he has given us a "snapshot" of the testimony that is available! He has carried this burdon for eight years and now he is giving it to us the American people and the people of the world to carry it forward and bring about open disclosure on the ufo issue. THEY ARE HERE THEY HEVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS AND WALK AMONGST US! THE TECHNOLOGY THEY HAVE CAN SAVE OUR WORLD FROM SELF DESTRUCTION - WHY IS IT BEING DENIED TO US! THAT IS US THE HUMAN BLOODY RACE!!!!!!!
Dr Steven Greers attempts to bring the worlds attention to the issues involved around ufo's is in my mind profound! WILL THE PEOPLE LISTEN??? -

5Mins Dr Greer's closing speech

If you havelistened to all the above evidence watch this next video and see what you think!! -
William Cooper - The secret government Talks about EBE!

I salute you ladies and gentlemen for helping me and the rest of the world to understand what exactly is going on around us. Our gods are amongst us - let them now speak!
Dr Greers 1995 encounter!

Andy Bell

These journals continue.....Oct 22

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