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The "Disclosure Project" Part 1

Part one The Disclosure Project
I feel at the end of a very long road to understanding the things I have witnessed since 1998. Prior to that first experience I had been open minded on the UFO and Alien issue. Now I feel that it should be bought out into the open and as a tribute to those that stood up to do just that on the 9th May 2001. I shall put their pictures and transpose their statements onto this Blog!
..Please bear in mind how difficult it must have been for each of these individuals to stand up in front of the worlds press and make their statments to the world. I myself get a lot of comments from my work mates and people that I talk to on this subject!
Starting with Mr Jon Cypher the actor of Hill Street Blues fame and many films.
He introduces Dr Seven Greer and the Disclosure Project to the worlds press! -
2Mins Disclosure Introduction

Dr Steven Greer then explains exactly what the Disclosure project is about - Getting the American government to drop its Star Wars programme and never to put weapons into space as well as releasing the technology aquired from the aliens for the benefit of all us humans bringing an end to global warming. I have a friend who has interviewed Dr Steven Greer about his ufo research, Mr Roy Dutton who lives not far from me and was the first person to interview me about my own experience. Roy since his retirement has worked out through his charts, the entry lines that a ufo has to follow into our atmosphere. These charts are so accurate that he was able to tell me the exact time my encounter ocurred BEFORE interviewing me about the incident! 
 2Mins Dr Steven Greer

The first witness up is Mr John Callahan from the FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations. He tells of an incident in Japan on the 18th November 1986. When the first ever recorded data of a Radar sighting of a ufo was obtained. Mr Callahan even produced the FAA report on the incident, the voice tapes, The video taken of the meeting and also all the recorded data for the tracking of the ufo. -
4Mins The First witness

The Japanese incident 17th Nov 1986 7Mins

Secondly we have Lt. Col. Charles Brown who headed the Office of Special Investigations for the Air Force known as the Grudge project in 1949 (preceeds Blue Book). He testifies that many of the ufo sightings he has delt with DID in fact have Ground Radar, Ground Visual, Airborn Radar and Airborn Visual CONFIRMATION OF UFO SIGHTINGS!! -
2Mins The Second witness

The third witness is Mr Michael Smith,who was an aircraft controller for the US Air Force betwwen 1967-73 atKlamath Falls Oregon. The first incident he describes is early in 1970 when he went into work he found his colleagues watching a ufo on the radar! This ufo appeared at 80000 feet dropped down below radar and appeared 200 miles away again at 80000 feet repeating the manouver several times! when he contacted Norad he was told never to write anything down about ufo's and any sightings are on a need to know basis only. A while later Norad notified him that a ufo would be coming up the California coast, When he said what do you want done about it they said - nothing, it is a heads up need toknow only.
In 1972 whilst at St Marie Michigan with the 753rd Radar Squadron. Michael received a couple of panicky phone calls from the local police, who were chasing THREE UFO'S. He confirmed this on radar and notified Norad who then diverted two inbound B52's to avoid a proximity problem. He then had to tell the police that there was nothingon radar! -
2Mins The Third witness

Next we have Enrique Kolbeck a senior Air Traffic Controller from Mexico. The first incident he refers to is a radar confirmation on March 4th 1992 of 15 objects 50 miles west of Toluca airport. Next he goes on to say thattwo near collisions with ufo's occurred. The first on July 28th 1994 at 10:20pm involving flight 129 to Mexico.The second onlya week later involving flight 904 to Mexico at 11:30am. Both incidents had radar detection. several pilots then started to report strange objects in the skies and most ofthese were also detected on radar. Finally using new radar equipment on Sept 15th 1994an object was seen STATIONARY FOR 5HOURS! This is a strange occurance and the radar system was checked to see ifit was faulty, needless to say it was NOT! The next daythis sighting was reported by numerous people South East of Toluca airport, Metepec city a disc 15 metres in diameter was seen. -
3Mins The Fourth witness

Next it is Commander Graham Bethune US Navy (Ret.) He describes a major incident that happened 50 years ago on 10th Feb 1951. flying from Keflevik in Iceland to Argentia Newfoundland atnight and about 310miles outside Argentia they reported lightson the water like a city these lights disappeared and then a disc flew out of the area and interacted with the plane that Commander Bethune was piloting! Heexplains that severalof the planes instruments were affected by the disc shaped craft which was tracked on radar in excess of 1800 miles an hour. Not only did the 31 passengers witness this event Commander Bethune produced the 18 page official Navy and Air Force report on the incident! -
2Mins The Fifth witness

Graham Bethune died recently as a tribute to him, one of his last interviews for the "Fastwalkers" documentary below. 


Next are accounts of USO's from
"Operation Mainbrace" in 1952 3Mins

Unidentified Submerged Objects 2Mins

Our next witness is Dan Willis who worked in the code room at the Naval Communications station in San Francisco. In 1969 he received a priority message from a ship near Alaska classified as top secret. The ship reported the emergence from the ocean on its port bow a glowing redish orange eliptical object about 70 feet in diameter which was tracked on its radar travelling at 7000 miles an hour! Years later whilst working in San Diego a co-worker who worked at the Norad fascility. Noticed objects on the radar screens going off the scale and doing 90 degree turns, When he put this to his supervisor he was told "its just a visit from our little friends." -2Mins The Sixth witness

Mr Don Philips who worked at the Lockheed Skunkworks and was a CIA contractordescribes an incident near area 51 where 6 or 7 ufo's put on a display over the base. Flying at speeds of 2400 to 3800 miles an hour. Stopping dead and then flying at accute angles coming together into a circle and then en-mass rotating that circle then dissappearing! This event was documented on radar! -
4Mins The Seventh witness

Captain Robert Salas describes an incident on March 16th 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base Montana. Hewas the Missile Launch Officer at that base. A security guard called him about seeing strange lights in the sky, later he received another call to say that a ufo was hovering over the front gate. When Robert Salas rang his supervisor to notify him of the situation the missiles under his command started to go down into a No-launch situation. He lost 6 to 8 missiles that day! Echo Flight lost all ten of their weapons undersimilar circumstances! He later found out that Minot in North Dekota in August 1966 experienced similar ufo sightings over missile silo's. -
4Mins The Eighth witness

Andy Bell

These journals continue......Oct 20

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