Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bill Holden Interview "Project Camelot"

Bill Holden :
Air Force One and the Alien Connection

A video interview with Bill Holden Las Vegas, June 2007 Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy Search Project Camelot for full version!

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Bill Holden with his life-sized alien head
As a young man, Bill Holden served as a steward on board Air Force One, from which he tells a beautiful little story of a short but revealing conversation he had with JFK about UFOs. But that was just the beginning of his experiences. In the years which followed, he was asked to participate several times in small select military groups to encounter alien beings and craft demonstrations in what he believes was a least partly a sort of experiment to assess reactions - a procedure that others have also reported elsewhere. Whatever the reasons, he soon realized that relations between aliens and the US government were both ongoing and extensive.Later, after retiring from the military, he refers to himself as the real world Richard Dreyfuss character from 'Close Encounters' experiencing without fear a number of intriguing close encounters with aliens and UFOs as a civilian. The non-disclosure agreement he was required to sign expired several years ago, and Bill has now told his story to fascinated audiences at a number of conferences. His own personal contacts within the intelligence community have given him access to some of the most closely protected secrets, such as the reasons behind the assassination of the man he still reveres enormously more than forty years after he first flew with him.Articulate, engaging, personable and persuasive, Bill recounts some extraordinary experiences on camera; and at the end of the interview, to our great interest, he revealed to us a life-sized model of an alien head which he explained was exceptionally accurate on a number of counts. The day after our interview we replayed the footage to fellow-witness Jim Sparks, who agreed with Bill that from his own experiences as a multiple abductee the model was extremely lifelike. Full details of this are discussed on both interviews.

When Bill describes the craft the "Size of a Football field" He has told me it was more like my own close encounter craft than the "Skull Craft" mentioned by Charles Hall!
Thank you Bill!
Alien at a conference!

Andy Bell

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